Utilizing professional athletes as influencers to show that when you're "Made of what matters" you achieve great results.


The brand aimed to bring Gillette’s global campaign “Made of what matters” to life and communicate that the best side of sports brings out the best side of every man.

The main challenge was to convey the global campaign message by showcasing the featured product, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor and its benefits for the modern male. 

Thus, we proposed a solution to inspire the new generation of men. An Instagram Campaign using professional athletes as influencers to highlight the code of honor that lies in every sport and acts as a guide on how to conduct oneself in or outside the field. 

We based our approach on two key insights: 

  1. Pro athletes already have a robust fanbase, which they acquired through high performance in their sport. They also act as influencers to their fanbases.

  2. The global campaign also featured professional athletes with great success.


With these insights in hand, we designed, implemented and produced an effective Instagram campaign to reach and engage the targeted audience.

1. Chose Athlete Influencers that Fit Gillette’s Style and Conveyed the Brand Message

Based on our Athlete Matching & Selection process, we decided on 4 professional male athletes based on their overall online presence (content quality, compatibility with the brand) and performance: 

  • Konstantinos Tsimikas, Football Player

  • Nikolas Plytas, Water Ski Champion

  • Konstantinos Mitoglou, Basketball Player

  • Emmanuel Karalis (Manolo), Pole Vault Champion

In addition, their profiles embodied the campaign message that they “have it in them” and that drives them to become better men.

2. Created Inspirational & Motivational Content Deliverables

The campaign deliverables promoted Gillette’s beliefs for fair play, respect for diversity and responsibility, and the featured product. Yet, regardless of the circumstances, how you behave, compete and participate reveals who you are as a player, a fan and a man.

Additionally, the accompanying captions acted as inspiration and motivation in getting men to bring out their best side, be confident in themselves and go after their goals.


The Gillette ProGlide “Made of What Matters” Instagram campaign far exceeded the initial quantitative goals set.

Moreover, the age group attracted by the campaign was 18-44 male, showing that targeting was fully achieved.

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In Engagement (+132.7% increase from target)

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