Digital Minds Sports was appointed to strengthen the professional profile and brand name of Coach Ilias Zouros in the digital ecosystem.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of sports and especially basketball, there was an immediate need for the Coach’s active presence in the digital universe of social media. 

Our goal from the beginning was to further develop and improve the existing social media accounts of Ilias Zouros on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the creation, development and management of the Coach’s Instagram profile.

Consequently, we proceeded to digitally enhance the Coach’s professional social media profile with targeted content, related to sports and especially basketball, aiming to be attractive to the young, and all-male, target audience that follows the Coach’s career.


By showcasing aspects of the personality, mindset and experiences of a Coach with a career of over 20 years, we enhanced his brand name by creating a digital dynamic that highlights that he is a professional Coach who embraces evolution, listens to modern trends and adapts to the new digital era. 

At the same time, we share with the audience the Coach’s new experiences with the Georgian National Team, which he is currently representing competitively, in order to create awareness of his current professional activity. As a result, he connects daily with the audience that follows him, sharing thoughts and giving advice to younger people who want to pursue coaching professionally.

We based our communication on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and created content that engaged fans worldwide.


The original branded content mix that we published on the social media channels of Ilias Zouros matches 100% the brand image of the Coach.

Overall, Digital Channels achieved record results in Impressions, Interactions, and Audience growth in 2022.

Followers increased by over 5K total on Coach Ilias Zouros’ social media accounts! It is worth noting that when we took over, the Coach’s Instagram Account had zero Followers.

0 K+
Content Interactions (100% increase from target)
0 K+
Accounts Reached (65% increase from target)
0 K+
Accounts Engaged (65% increase from target)
0 K+
Impressions (75% increase from target)

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